Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pros and Cons to Spring Weddings

So here we are in March and yesterday was the first day of spring! Of course, you wouldn’t know it with the snow falling today! Spring is often associated with being a time of growth, life, and new beginnings. As such, it is a popular time of year for couples to tie the knot. 

For those of you who are spring brides and grooms, there are lots of factors you may want to take into consideration before deciding if a spring wedding is right for you. Think about what your vision for your wedding is. Then take a look at the pros, cons, and tips following. If these are factors you think you can handle, both stress-wise and budget-wise, then perhaps spring is the season for you! 

There are a few pros to having your big day in the spring. One of the first things you start thinking about when actually planning your wedding, other than the date, is the budget (at least it should be). One of the pros of spring weddings is that you can still get some great deals on dates earlier in the season. While the rates generally aren’t as low as during the winter months and holiday seasons, they are still under what you will pay for some peak times May through September and heavy travel holidays like Memorial and Labor Day weekends. 

While a wedding doesn’t have to have flowers, many people who choose a spring wedding do so in part because of the large variety of flowers in bloom. Choosing flowers that are in season and easily accessible is more cost effective, and depending on the part of the season and area you are getting married in, the possibilities are vast. In fact, you might not have to pay much for d├ęcor if the area you are having your wedding in is lush, nature may provide the perfect background for your big day! 

The next item on the list can be a pro or a con. That’s right…the weather! The weather during the spring months can be a pro, as generally speaking over the span of the season it isn’t too cold or too hot. However, spring does have its drawbacks when it comes to the weather. Be prepared for rain. Rain, rain, and more rain; and with it mud. If you are having an indoor affair you will have less to worry about when it comes to rain. The biggest concerns here are how will you and your guests get from location to location without getting drenched. There are a few ways to handle this. If the ceremony and reception are in the same building, well it’s even easier. You may want to consider hiring valets to park the cars if the venue doesn’t already have them. This way, you and your guests don’t have to dredge through the rain from the parking lot to the venue(s). Also, if there isn’t some kind of cover over the entryway, you may want to speak to the venue about renting a canopy, nothing is worse than running from your car to the door only to get stuck outside getting drenched while everyone files into the building! If you are having an outdoor affair you have a few more items to think about. Make sure you speak to your venue about a backup space or renting a tent in the event it rains. Keep in mind that there may be additional cost for climate control features in a tent to keep it from getting too damp and sticky and to run the necessary electricity to the tent. Also, you may want to rent hallways for your guests to move from outdoor areas like the tent to the bathrooms inside. 

Many couples do their photo shoot between the ceremony and the reception. If you were planning on taking photos outside, be sure you speak to your photographer about alternatives in the event there is rain. While some rain shots might be nice, those nice pictures verses being wet for your reception and possibly ruining your clothing are options you will have to weigh and decide on. Speaking of ruining your clothing, don’t forget that with rain comes mud! Be prepared with protective covering for your shoes or alternate shoes to wear while outside. It is also a good idea to have some stain remover on hand in case any mud gets on your dress or tux. 

These are just a few thoughts to keep in mind when considering a spring wedding. Check back often for other tips to help you on your big day!