Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wedding Trends 2014

Are there any 2014 wedding trends you plan on incorporating into your wedding?  Check out this ABC article about some of the trends popping up this year.  And following, find some thoughts to keep in mind if you do decide to utilize any of these ideas!  Remember to have fun and be yourself!

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Social Media Wedding:  Be aware that if you use a hashtag for your wedding, it is not exclusive to you.  Some couples fail to take this into consideration, and when guests use the hashtag to look up information about the wedding they often find unrelated subjects...some of which you may have preferred didn't pop up with your wedding pictures!

Mindful Favors:  Personalizing your wedding favors is always a nice touch.  You don't always have to DIY in order to achieve the personalized feel, but your favors should relate to or invoke something special to the two of you as a couple.  If the item(s) are more obscure, you may want to think about including a short story about them in your thank you and/or farewell speeches to ensure your guests fully appreciate the meaning behind the favor.

PHOTO: Cakelets. Courtesy Alizé at Palms Resort Casino.
Courtesy Alizé at Palms Resort Casino
Cakelets:  Such a wonderful way to be a little creative.  Wedding cakes have become the go to dessert for weddings, but cupcake cakes have moved into the spotlight as well.  These are a nice in-between option.  Be sure to look at your budget before deciding to go in this direction.  It is possible these mini creations could break the bank.  Although they are closer to the size of a cupcake as opposed to a wedding cake, their intricate designs require more time to decorate and thus more cost for labor.  These would make a lovely prop for proposals as mentioned in the article, or even for anniversaries!  You could even use them for birthdays.  While they might be a bit much for every birthday, they would be a nice touch to some of those more significant birthdays, like Sweet 16s, 30th, or 50th birthdays.

Silent Disco:  This is an interesting idea as well.  Just keep in mind any additional cost for the headphones, including damage/replacement fees.  Also, think about the volume being funneled into the headphones and how it is controlled.  People often don't take how loud the music is into consideration, this is especially important with headphones.   You don't want your guests to remember your wedding as the place their hearing started to go!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Flower Fridays Present the Morning Glory

Welcome to Tiffany Weddings and Events LLC's first Flower Friday!  We are so excited to kick off this new segment with you.

Fridays we will feature a new flower.  We will include a picture or pictures of the flower, what the flower means, and some ideas on how you can incorporate the flower into your wedding or other event, or draw inspiration from it to incorporate in a less direct manner.

Tiffany Weddings And Events LLC Logo
Original Image courtesy of D Quinn Photography
So enough explanation, let's get started!

This week Flower Fridays Presents the Morning Glory!

Some of you may have wondered what kind of flower is featured in the Tiffany Weddings and Events LLC logo.  If you guessed the Morning Glory, you would be correct!

The Morning Glory has many meanings, including "Affection", "Love", and "Mortality".  It is often thought of as a symbol of life and death, as most of the flowers in this family bloom in the morning and die in the afternoon.  The family does also include a night blooming Moonflower, which blooms later in the day and last through the night.

The Morning Glory comes in a variety of colors including red, pink, blue, purple, and white; which makes for a nice range to accommodate any number of wedding or event colors and themes; and are climbing or trailing vine flowers that bloom in the summer and early fall before the threat of frost.  Their leaves range from 2-5" in length, and the flowers tend to be around 3" long x 2.5" wide.  

Blue Morning Glory Flower in Nature
Image courtesy of Stoonn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
They are fairly delicate, particularly their roots, so I wouldn't suggest using them in a bouquet unless you are planning on carrying some form of potted bouquet.  These flowers aren't suited for cutting generally speaking.  However, they could make beautiful potted centerpieces.  They could also be used to decorate an arch and/or trellis for garden or garden inspired weddings and events, if you plan ahead.  Do keep in mind the bloom times of the flowers you choose though.  If you are having an early afternoon wedding, you may want to have a combination of Morning Glories and Moonflowers, otherwise, your flowers will start to close before the end of your affair.

The Morning Glory is often associated with the 11th wedding anniversary, so if your significant other is into flowers and gardening, consider giving the gift of the Morning Glory for that 11th anniversary together.  It is also one of the birth flowers for September and could be a wonderful element to add to your party decor in September, depending on where you live.

You don't have to incorporate live flowers into your decor in order to use the Morning Glory for your event.  One place you may be able to use the flower is on your stationary, flowers make beautiful stationary decor for all occasions.  Another great place to incorporate the Morning Glory is on your dessert design.  Just keep in mind that the seeds of the Morning Glory are toxic, so you wouldn't want to use any live plants on any food for decor.

Hopefully you have found this first Flower Fridays feature to be both entertaining and inspiring!  We look forward to showcasing more flowers as the year goes on.

If you have used Morning Glories in your event design, please share your story and/or photos with us and follow us on Facebook!  You can find us at Tiffany Weddings And Events LLC.

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