Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

First I would like to say a heart felt Happy Fathers' Day to all of the Dads out there.  Not just the biological Fathers, but to ALL of the men out there taking responsibility and helping us to raise the next generation.

We want to celebrate the ones we love all the time, but Fathers' Day is a day set aside especially for Dads.  Sometimes we may have a hard time coming up with nice gift ideas for Dad that aren't the same old tie (Though for some Dads getting a new tie every year might be the perfect gift!), so I have come up with a list of items that some may find helpful in planning their Fathers' Day celebration.

As always, you want to keep the person you are getting a gift for in mind, not all Dads are the same.  But don't just look at the obvious things they enjoy, try to think outside the box.  One great gift idea is a massage gift certificate.  People often think of this as more of a gift for Mom, but the reality is that Dads can use the relaxation also.  Think of it this way, many Dads today still take on some of the more traditionally male responsibilities when it comes to the upkeep of a home, such as yard work.  Fathers' Day comes in June, it's the end of the spring/beginning of summer.  If your Father is the type to get out in the yard in the spring to clean out all of the debris from the fall and winter, chances are he has recently finished up this job.  After all of that raking and hauling and cutting and sawing, he may just be in need of a good massage.

Get his car detailed.  Often time, Dad is still the one that helps keep the family fleet running.  Whether it is checking the fluids on a regular basis or running the car to the shop when it is in need of maintenance.  If your Dad falls into this category, it might be a nice gift idea for you to take the reigns and make sure his car is in tip top condition.  Checking the fluids and adding more if necessary is a pretty easy job, but if you aren't sure make sure you ask for help from someone first so you don't inadvertently put in too much or the wrong fluid.  It would also be nice to wash and detail the car.  Again, if you know what you are doing and have the tools, you can do this yourself, but it might be nice to get it professionally done for the occasion to make sure the car is sparkling inside and out!

Help Dad get in shape!  Yep, that's right.  Maybe your Father loves to be active, but he has gotten out of the habit.  A nice Fathers' Day gift could be to get a gym membership for the two of you or sign up for a martial arts class (Galante Martial Arts in Port Jefferson Station is a great place to go).  This is a great way for not just Dad to get moving again, but also for you two to spend some quality time together doing something healthy!  Just be sure your Dad is physically fit enough for the activity you have in mind before hand.

These three gift are just a few out of the box ideas for gifts for Dad.  The possibilities are numerous!  What other uncommon or unusual gift ideas have you used?